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dirty angel

April 2011

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dirty angel

Since I now have time to go back to my own stitching (in a matter of speaking) it must be time for an update. If you haven't caught up with the news, I was stitching a commission for the past 3 to 4 months and that was all I was stitching in the lead up to Christmas. I don't really have a great picture of it (there's one on my mobile phone, but that's about it!)

But that's been given in now, so I can go back to the multitude of WIPs that I have floating around. The three that I was working on before my Lilac Siamese commission are the only three that really need to be updated.... Other than that all I've been woking on has been patterns... I think I've done 19 in roughly the period of one month.... which is a little scary to say the least. I'll update them through my other persona (teap_revolution ) sometime soon.

Anyway, onto the updating.

Okie dokie then. The three that I will be updating are the three that I am really sample stitching, half for my own pleasure and half because I have to. I have about 6 or 7 other WIPs that I have to finish too, and my mother was pointing out the other day that I still haven't finished the kit I got for my 21st, I'm now 25.
I will get back to that WIP at some point, I know I will... along with all the others.

But, back on topic. I have two of the Western Zodiacs that I am currently stitching - Cancer and Sagittarius.
Here's Cancer where she last was (on the left) and where she is now - she should be finished soon:

(I love my scanner!)

I should mention that all three of my updates are stitched on 22ct Hardanger, with DMC threads, like the majority of my stuff. (I would say all, but I have one or two that are on 16 or 18 and one which is using Anchor.)

Here's Sagittarius... no where near as far along as Cancer and with a rather attractive footprint... oops.

And finally, the master piece (well, kind of) it's Pink Ribbon, who has been put down majorly because the comission booted her off her lap frame.
Where she was on the left (taken with a camera), where she is now on the right (scanned) and I will repeat - I LOVE my scanner...

And that's pretty much it, until I get around to updating all the patterns I've completed, which might take me a little while!

Other than stitching, there hasn't been that much going on for the last couple of weeks. I finished work on the 21st and have been pretty much lazing around the house for the rest of the time. I did go to the city yesterday, cause I wanted to visit Magnation (three mags later), then I just happened to walk past Borders (two books) and Kikki K (1 photo box and 1 bag)... Interestingly enough not a bit of it was on sale.

I have been watching the cricket a lot though - Sth Africa has done really well to beat an weak Aussie team (which ironically enough was in firm positions to win in both), which has been nice for someone who prefers good tests to all out dominations (which is why in recent years I haven't been barracking for Australia. (note: Australia hasn't lost a test series @ home in 16 years...)

I am holidays until the school year starts again, which is not until the end of January (nice!), and I'm planning to go down to Hobart to visit a friend for four days, which will be very nice.

anyway, that's me pretty much updated!


Hello, stranger! Amazing stitching.

Borders...they get so much of my money. In fact, I bought a few things there tonight.

I'm lucky I actually live a fair distance from my local Borders (it's a good 30 mins drive from home and not my local shopping centre) so they don't get as much of my money as they might want to.

There just happened to be one when I went to the city and they just happened to have a large collection of Agatha Christies...
You love your scanner, huh? ;)

Great updates! Can't wait to see more of Pink Ribbon. Nothing like a good WIP post to make one inspired to get some stitching done as well.

*goes to hunt for her WIPs*
Yeah, it produces a better image than photographing my stitches, which is what I have had to do before the scanner arrived. The difference is clear in the two images of Pink Ribbon.

But thanks... I haven't dug out all of my WIPs.. I probably should and finish them in order or something. Good luck with yours!