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dirty angel

April 2011

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dirty angel

Thought I'd share a blog from my Dolly blog...

I am considering setting up another LJ to post dolly stuff and x-post it with my dolly blog, which is softskintales.blogspot.com - that might open up a bit more audience to my dolly-blogging... or I could just keep randomly posting in here... tell me what you think!

When Pipos announced that it was going to release a new Dark Alice, I was excited. I have one of the limited Alices, the Baby Alice in blue, and I quite liked the other Alices they had released previously, though I had been too late to pick them up.

I quite liked the gloomy gothy feel of the two preview pics of the Cheshire and Dali that they were also releasing, as a pic of the Alice wasn't available for a while. When they finally did release a pic of the Open Eye Alice, I loved it.

The time came for it to come up with the news that she would be a 20 doll limited set... 20 open eyes and 20 half closed eyes and she would be released at 11pm Australian time... Unfortunately I didn't manage to stay up that late and when a friend checked early the next morning, she was all sold out.

I accepted it. I knew that it would have been a close thing to get one since there were a lot of people that wanted her.

Then today I heard that DDE had some of her...

I have put in a layaway order for her, and hope that I get her... but I don't know - is she lost, or is she found?